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The Science Of Health Policy?

In my first health policy class as a graduate student, the professor told us that health policy was a field of science. He concluded that the primary purpose of our discipline was to find new frameworks and systems with which to implement health care delivery in the United States and the rest of the world.

There are clearly elements of discovery in health policy. However, the more that I work and study in the field,  the more I find that health policy is less about exploration and more about educating others about already established theory and empirics on the operation of health systems in industrialized countries.   Guided by this central premise, this site seeks to educate visitors about health policy, public health and health systems.

I believe that the most important frameworks in health policy have already been identified and are functioning successfully in other nations around the world.   Here at home, however, there are huge gaps in understanding regarding how these systems operate and their true strengths and weaknesses.

This site seeks to offer an overview of how different countries fare in delivering high quality and affordable health care to their citizens, and relate this information to the questions that the United States is currently wrestling with in its own health care debate.

We will give you information and then we will let you decide. We hope you will conclude, as we believe, that universal health care is not  a scary, unrewarding proposition but rather a potentially effective framework for health provision used by every industrialized country in the world outside of America. No matter what you decide, we hope the information on this site will prompt you to reexamine your beliefs about health policy, public health and health systems.